CritiStrap – Reusable Splint Strapping

Product Description


  • Save costs on traditional flannel strips used for securing Kramer Wire Splints 
  • CritiStrap is manufactured from high quality stretch nylon 
  • Velcro hook and loop securing system 
  • CritiStrap’s generous length provides for the size variations commonly encountered by emergency care personnel 
  • CritiStrap’s design allows for straps to be joined to secure bilateral fractures of the upper and lower extremities 
  • The broad structure of the straps promotes excellent stability and ultimately better patient comfort 
  • Reuse to save on your equipment budget 
  • Available in Large (blue label) for adult lower extremities and Medium (red label) for adult upper extremities and paediatric lower extremities 
  • Large pack consists of 2 Large and 1 Medium CritiStrap in a quality nylon bag 
  • Medium Pack consists of 3 medium straps in a quality nylon bag
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